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TriboSys™ 3204 Switch Lubricant - Endgame Keys
TriboSys™ 3204 Switch Lubricant
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TriboSys™ 3204 Switch Lubricant

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TriboSys™ is a great general-purpose Grade 0 lube, which is perfect for keyboard applications. It's oil viscosity and semi-fluid properties not only make it a breeze to use, it's perfect for your tactile or "clicky" switches. It will also do a phenomenal job on your linear, Topre, and other Cherry compatible switches in a pinch.

TriboSys™ 3204 is a fluorinated lubricant that is extremely stable, durable, and non-migrating. These properties make it an ideal choice for those of us looking to maximize our typing experiences. TriboSys™ 3204 is incredibly easy to handle, and due to its lower viscosity, this product is recommended for any mechanical switch type. As per usual, our friends at Miller Stephenson manufacture this product with strict quality control procedures to make sure every batch is up to their exacting standards. Remember, military grade, folks. Get yours while supplies last! 

Btw, these are non-flammable, non-silicone, and stable at high temperatures (up to 355°F), fluorinated polymer lubricants although storage in a cool, dry place doesn't hurt.

3mL will lube up about 250 switches


This should be obvious, but for those of you that need one of these -- THIS PRODUCT IS FOR USE AS A MECHANICAL LUBRICANT, NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. BE AWARE OF STATED PRODUCT LIMITATIONS. Please exercise some common sense here. If you are not sure about how to use this product, reach out to us or the manufacturer for more information. Endgame Keys, LLC and its affiliates, disclaim all liability for any damages occurring from misuse, or otherwise as a result of untrained or unsupervised use. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

Safety Sheets and Tech Specs available upon request.